Removing Garage Door Window Inserts

Aug 9th

Garage door window inserts – Decorating window post in your garage door add curb attract your garage.  You can remove the blades and either replaces them with different activities or just plain glass. Window frames on the doors are different, depending on whether your doors have insulation or not. Doors with insulation use a thicker frame that simply bolts together. Doors without insulation are holder straps holding the frame to the door.

Doors with no insulation. Ask a friend to go on the outside of the door and keep the frames to the door while relaxing frames from the inside. Insert a small flat screwdriver between the bottom right corner of the lower bracket and the right bracket. Grinding screwdriver blade below the top of the lower bracket and lift the bracket away from the window frame. When you can grasp the holder of the hand, pull the bracket entirely outside the frame.

Remove the two side guides by placing a screwdriver in the top of each holder and pulling the halls outside the frame. Place a piece of masking tape 2 inches above the bottom of the window frame and 3 inches below the top of the frame. Split masking tape from one side of the frame to the other side across the frame. This will help keep the glass from accidentally falling out when you remove the upper bracket.

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