Install Mirror Closet Doors

Mirror Closet Doors Interior
Mirror Closet Doors Interior
Mar 13th

Install mirror closet doors is a great way to save space and make your room look bigger. Whether you’re looking to create an illusion of space in your room or want to switch to go to work more quickly, place a mirror on the closet door is a great solution. These are the steps you must follow to install correctly. Measure the thickness of the door of your wardrobe and buy a set of fasteners to mirror screws that fit the thickness of door.

You do not want to insert screws coming out from the back. Drill four holes, one in each mark you made, using a 1/4 inch drill bit. Be careful not to puncture the whole door. Drywall anchors inserted in the holes you did. Use a hammer to gently place them at the mirror closet doors.Although you will not be installing anchors in plaster, will serve as support and avoid any damage to the wooden door.

Insert the mirror closet doors in the lower anchors and make sure the upper align with elespejo. It is important to be sure that the mirror snaps before tightening the fasteners. Use the level to check that it is level. Slide the mirror on the upper fasteners and tighten them with a screwdriver.

Making an Attic Access Door

The attic access door to the attic is often the name used to describe any type of panel push up, French doors knees or other input to attic space. The most common of these is the door to push up, which is nothing more than a drywall or plywood fastened by simple adjustments for wood. These panels are often found in hallways, closets, garage spaces, or areas of the house where the panel will not be very noticeable, and yet provide easy access for storage or maintenance.

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Select a roof or ceiling hallway closet with good space, and you have to use a ladder to attic access door. Spend the metal detector through your roof to locate the joists. Mark each location with a pencil. Your beams should be 40.64 to 60.96 cm in the center. This is wide enough for a panel.

Measure and draw attic access door the width between the rafters and 71.12 to 76.20 cm for the panel length. Use a drywall saw and cut first along your lines of beams. You must feel to the mountains touch the face of the beam to cut. Make your cross cuts with a knife. You are trying to save the panel plaster, therefore, working slowly to make clean cuts.

Attach Mirror Closet Doors

Attach a mirror closet doors allow you to hide it when not in use. You can do it in a closet in bedroom, hall and even sleeping college dorm. Measure the width of the mirror to decide where and where to fasten the center. With a pencil mark the four corners of the site. Decide how long you want the mirror is attached to the door. Scan if you want to leave it in place permanently, even if you move. Confirm if the door is hollow, if you do not know. For this, hit or punch a small hole.

For mounting on a hollow door: Apply a thick layer of industrial glue on the back of the mirror closet doors and adhere to the door according to the markings. Use rubber gloves to protect your skin. Hold it in place and allowed to dry for a few minutes.

If your mirror has no frame and no existing holes, you can put together a simple support. Cut triangular pieces of wood 2 x 4 or otherwise. All triangles must be the same size, big enough to put two screws in opposite corners. Place the triangles in the corners of the mirror closet doors so that the wood sticks out the door to power without affecting the screws.

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